Stop Relying on the Electrical Grid for Power

Upgrade your house in Odessa, TX with a solar panel installation

Tired of your power going out randomly? Ready to save money on your electric bill, or eliminate it entirely? A solar panel installation will enable your home to produce its own electricity so you don't have to depend on the community's electrical grid.

Ruby Rock Solar installs residential solar systems for homeowners in the Odessa, TX area and will make updating your house easy. We'll inspect your house to see if it's a good fit for a solar panel installation and create a custom ground mount or roof mount design to suit your needs. You can also install battery backups to store excess energy so you can continue to power your home at night or during a storm.

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We install reliable solar systems

We install reliable solar systems

Solar panels are a big investment, but there's no reason to worry about your system after it's installed. You can rely on our residential solar systems because...

We install panels from top tier brands
Our panels use a monocrystalline design that's as efficient as possible
You'll receive a 25-year warranty on any installation, giving you peace of mind

If there ever is a problem with your system, we can find the issue and fix it or replace your panel entirely. Find out more about solar panels by calling 432-559-8192 now.