Make Your Business More Energy-Efficient

Get a commercial solar panel installation in Odessa, TX

Whether you own a store or run a restaurant, your business uses a lot of electricity every day. You can save a significant amount of money by generating your own power with a commercial solar panel installation. Ruby Rock Solar installs commercial solar systems in Odessa, TX and surrounding areas. Our process works in three simple steps:

First, our team will inspect your property to see if it's a good candidate for solar power
Next, we'll create a custom design that works for your building and energy needs
Finally, we'll complete the installation and provide you with a 25-year warranty

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Use solar power for reliable electricity

Use solar power for reliable electricity

Every minute your company goes without power costs you in productivity and potential profits. Commercial solar systems can help you keep your business working when the community's electrical grid is down. You can install a battery backup that will let you store the electricity your solar panels generate so you can have it whenever you need it.

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