Power your home, save money and prepare for power outages

with the Generac PWRcellTM Solar + Battery Storage System in the Odessa, TX area

Electricity rates & power outages are increasing Electric utility rates are on the rise, with no relief in sight. In the last 10 years, rates have increased 14% . Paying more for electricity can prevent you from investing in the things that matter the most to you, such as: • Dream Vacation • Home Improvement Projects • Financial Freedom • Child's/Grandchild's College Fund • Retirement Savings Additionally, the electrical power grid continues to age, making it less reliable and more susceptible to power outages that can leave you without lights, refrigeration, Internet access, and in some areas water. You need an innovative solution that will power your home, lower your monthly electric bill and help you prepare for power outages.

If you're looking for a fully-integrated solar + battery storage system, the Generac PWRcell is the right solution for you. When compared to other systems on the market, PWRcell outshines the competition. In a side-by-side comparison to the Tesla Powerwall, the Generac PWRcell system offers: • 27% More Battery Capacity • 34% More Continuous Power • 43% More Peak Power

Save even more on your monthly electric utility bill with the PWRview Home Energy Monitoring System. PWRview is a standard feature within PWRcell that allows you to monitor your electricity usage. Using detailed reports, provided in the easy-to-use PWRview app, conveniently access your home's energy information from your smartphone, tablet or computer. With the PWRview system and app, you can: • See real-time energy usage at a glance • Better understand your home's energy profile • Access daily energy intelligence & insights including daily consumption, solar generation and battery usage, as well as bill estimates and savings • Eliminate surprises with detailed bill tracking, forecast and history