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The vast majority of the sun's energy is completely wasted. But you can capture enough with a solar system installation to completely power your home or office. Ruby Rock Solar is a solar energy company that can help you upgrade your home with a solar panel installation from leading top-tier brands.

Each panel will capture a portion of the sun's light, converting it into electricity that you can use for everything from light fixtures to appliances. If you want to continue using your own energy at night or on cloudy days, we can upgrade your system with battery storage. You can work with our team to create a custom design that will give you the power and functionality you want.

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Make your home greener

Leaving your air conditioner on while you're at work all day wastes a lot of energy. But you don't want to come back to a sweltering house. With a smart thermostat installation, you can save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Our solar energy company can help you make your home more eco-friendly. Not only will solar panels reduce your reliance on the electrical grid, but a smart thermostat will let you program heating and cooling schedules. You'll waste as little energy as possible by customizing your indoor temperature to suit your needs every hour of the day.

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Residential Solar Panel Installation

Take your home off the grid with solar panels and battery backups.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Install a custom roof or ground mount solar system that works for your property.

Smart Thermostats

Control your thermostat from anywhere by upgrading it with smart technology.


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How we make using solar energy easy

Installing a solar system might sound like a complicated project, but Ruby Rock Solar will be with you every step of the way.

We'll make the process easy by...

Helping you find financing options with no down payment and low interest rates
Obtaining permits and completing the solar system installation in as little as a month
Helping you take advantage of tax incentives and a 25-year warranty

We work with low credit scores and don't require a down payment to start the installation process. Get your first month free when you arrange for a solar system installation today.